Holocaust survivor stories

One of the outcomes of the attempted neo-Nazi rally was that many survivors of the Holocaust who had formerly kept their stories to themselves, began to speak to family and friends about the atrocities they had experienced.

In Skokie, this led to the installation of a Holocaust Memorial Monument in Skokie’s Village Green in 1987, Illinois state legislation requiring instruction about the Holocaust in schools in 2005 and to the opening of the 65,000 square-foot Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center in 2009.

Below are a few resources to read and listen to some of these survivors' stories

Skokie Stories: Regina Samuelson. 2011

Video interview in Skokie Public Library Digital Collection with long-time resident of Skokie and Holocaust survivor, Regina Samuelson who shares her powerful testimony and the story of her family through photo albums. Produced by Beth Hillel Academy's Through the Lens Class. Edited by Sarah Berkovich.

In Our Voices: Stories of Holocaust Survivors. 2009

Print collection of Holocaust survivor stories edited by Esther Yin-Ling Spodek and Matthew Sackel. Available in the library.

Voices of the Holocaust Project

Audio recordings and written transcripts of 118 interviews with Holocaust survivors. Collection is organized by name, birthplace, nationality, religion, and concentration camp.

Rochester Holocaust Survivor's Archive

Video recordings of Holocaust survivor stories from the Louis S. Wolk Jewish Community Center in Rochester, New York.