Echoes of a Nightmare. 1987

Available online from Skokie Public Library Digital Collections on DVD. Documentary chronicling the efforts of the National Socialist Party of America to march in Skokie. Filmed in and around Skokie and Chicago, this film captures all of the major participants: Skokie residents, Holocaust survivors, the ACLU, and the neo-Nazis in their headquarters in Marquette Park.

The MacNeil/Lehrer Report: The ACLU And The Nazis

February 23, 1978 episode of the PBS news program discussing the ACLU and their representation of the neo-Nazis. From the American Archive of Public Broadcasting. Includes written transcript.

Memories of a March. 2002

Available online from Skokie Public Library Digital Collections. Brief chronicle of the events surrounding the efforts of the National Socialist Party of America to march in the predominantly Jewish community of Skokie in 1977. The film includes interviews with Judge Harvey Schwartz, Rabbi Neil Brief, Ron Gould, and Jackie Melinger.

Skokie (CBS made-for-television movie). 1981

Available in the library on DVD. Dramatizes the controversy, focusing on the Holocaust survivors living in Skokie and the ACLU’s defense of Frank Collin and his followers on the basis of First Amendment guarantees of free speech.

Skokie: Invaded, but Not Conquered. 2015

Available online and from the library on DVD. Documentary film produced by the Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center that includes archival footage and contemporary interviews that to “reveal how a debate over First Amendment rights inspired Holocaust survivors to become activists, ultimately leading them to share their collective and individual histories.”

Surviving Skokie. 2014

Available from the library on DVD. Documentary film by a former Skokie resident about his father’s journey from surviving imprisonment in Auschwitz during World War II and moving to the United States only to find himself in Skokie during the attempted neo-Nazi rally in the late 1970s. Trailer and streaming information available from Surviving Skokie website.

Skokie Archive. 2009

Available on youtube. Collection of 1977 film footage related to the controversy.

Skokie, Rights or Wrong. 1980

Available only DVD through interlibrary loan. Short film (28 min.) documents the controversy through interviews with National Socialist Party of America leaders, American Civil Liberties Union representatives, concentration camp survivors, and Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Skokie: The Legacy of the Would-Be Nazi March in a Town of Holocaust Survivors. 2018

ABC news reporting from Meghan Keneally includes archival ABC video, news article, and photographs. Available from the ABC News website.