July 5, 1977 Village Board of Trustees Meeting

On July 5, 1977, residents express relief and thanks to Skokie authorities at the Village Board of Trustees meeting. They also express concern that the neo-Nazis will still plan to hold a rally in the village.

Listen to excerpts from recordings of the Skokie Board meeting:

Skokie resident Ruth Schaffner speaks out against Nazism and encourages peaceful protest.

"At present there are attacks upon Blacks in Chicago and other communities througout our country. Remember... it is not an attack on Jews only, it is an attack on the existence all minorities in Skokie, in Illinois, and in our United States of America."

Listen to the recording of the Village Board meeting: Ruth Schaffner (7-5-1977)   Full record

Skokie resident Ben Green states that doesn't agree with the ACLU's position in defending the neo-Nazis and goes on to commend the Village for passing the ordinances preventing the neo-Nazis from coming to Skokie.

"Our kids should understand that there is a great difference between the march of Martin Luther King who marched for democracy and against racism and in favor of our Constitution and the march of the Nazis who want to spread racism and hatred and against our Constitution."

Listen to the recording of the Village Board meeting: Ben Green (7-5-1977)   Full record