May 1 rally is averted ... temporarily

"Public display of the swastika...constitutes a symbolic assault"

-- Village of Skokie v. National Socialist Party of America

On April 28,1977, Skokie's lawyer, Harvey Schwartz, and the American Civil Liberty Union's David Goldberger argue Village of Skokie v. National Socialist Party of America, et al. in Cook County Circuit Court.

Skokie's total population in the late 1970s was about 70,000 and estimates of Skokie's Jewish population range from 28,000-40,000. Estimates of the number of Holocaust survivors in the Village at the time range from 800-7,000.

On April 29, 1977 Cook County Circuit Court Judge Joseph M. Wosik, issues a preliminary injunction prohibiting members of the NSPA from demonstrating in Skokie on May 1, 1977.

Wosik states, “I believe I have just as much right to protect life and limb as to protect the First Amendment rights of the Nazis to free speech.”