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Hundreds of magazine and newspaper articles were published about the “Skokie March," the court case, and the debate over the scope of First Amendment rights in the United States during the time of the controversy.

Skokie Public Library maintains a clipping file of newspaper articles, collected at the time, in the library (access by appointment). A small sub-set of the articles has been digitized, with permission of the newspapers, and are available in this online collection.

Further examination of the ramifications of the case has been covered in scholarly journals, magazines, and dissertations. A selection of these writings are available online.

  • What was the Skokie Case All About? An Advocate Looks Back by David Goldberger, The University of Chicago Law School Record, 31(1): 7-10, Spring 1985
    The ACLU lawyer who represented the National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) suggests that the violent reaction to the NSPA had more to do with a growing national and cultural frustration with the legal system than the specific issues of the Skokie case.

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Articles, Essays, and Dissertations