April 30 showdown

In response to the April 29, 1977 Cook County Circuit Court injunction prohibiting a May 1 National Socialist Party of America (NSPA) rally in Skokie, Frank Collin, leader of the neo-Nazi group, changes the date of the rally from May 1 to April 30.

Late that night, before the newly scheduled April 30 rally, Skokie Corporation Counsel Harvey Schwartz goes to Circuit Court Judge Harold Sullivan's home in Skokie and requests that the injunction be broadened to include any other date.

Judge Sullivan agrees and the NSPA demonstration is barred only hours before it is scheduled to occur.

Meanwhile, a crowd of protesters hold a rally of their own on the steps of the Skokie Village Hall (5127 Oakton Street). many of the counter-protesters find it difficult to belive that the NSPA rally has been prevented.