George C. Klehm

Louise Klehm's father George C. Klehm, though already a trained bricklayer when he arrived from Germany in 1855, had his heart set on teaching. Neither several years of stifling summers on construction sites nor a long list of dogged winter classes had managed to blunt his dream, which had finally come true on a triumphant graduation day in 1860. Then, swift disillusionment followed. Just five semesters in the classroom were enough to show George Klehm that he could not possibly support himself and his future bride on a meager teacher’s salary. Still, he stuck it out until 1864, when he had enough money to buy a general store from his brother-in-law, Henry Harms.

Throughout A. Louise Klehm's life, her father remained a trusted advisor and role model, as well as one of her biggest supporters and fans.