Dr. Louise Klehm in a Horse Drawn Buggy, 1910s

Klehm chose to come home to serve the people of Niles Center after graduating from medical school, therafter leaving her practice only for further study in Berlin and Vienna. Soon she beame a familiar sight, her horse Colonel threading his way through the throng on market days, cantering along to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, where she was on staff, or clopping sturdily from house to house to visit homebound patients.

Babies and illness would not wait for pleasant weather, so Dr. Klehm had to suit her transportation to the season. Road conditions in summer and fall allowed her to travel in style, in her new Model T Ford

The car replaced Dr. Klehm's horse-drawn carriage, in which she was often remembered riding. Dr. Klehm broke her arm attempting to crank the Model T Ford, and afterward had to delivery a baby one handed, while her other arm was in a sling.

But when the snow began to fall, the sporty Model T went up on blocks in the garage, and out came her sleigh and faithful horse, who also pulled her fast, light buggy in the spring.