Dr. A. Louise Klehm's Car Photograph, circa 1912


Dr. A. Louise Klehm's Car Photograph, circa 1912


Photograph of Dr. A. Louise Klehm's car, a Model T Ford, which was purchased in 1912, parked in the driveway in front of the Klehm Family home, which was located at 8212 Lincoln Avenue near the north end of Floral Avenue in Skokie, Illinois. The car replaced Dr. Klehm's horse-drawn carriage, in which she was often remembered riding. Dr. Klehm broke her arm attempting to crank the Model T Ford, and afterward had to delivery a baby one handed, while her other arm was in a sling.


c. 1912


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Skokie Historical Society, Skokie, Illinois

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Skokie -- Illinois -- United States


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