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Digitization of NileHiLite

Skokie Public Library is responsible for digitizing these issues of the NileHiLite, for the purposes of both preservation and ease of access.

The work of digitization and primary metadata production was done by Backstage Library Works (Provo, Utah) from January-April 2018. The bulk of the original newsletters were in Skokie Public Library’s print collection, in bound volumes that had been withdrawn from the collection for a variety of reasons—lack of use and deteriorating condition being paramount. The Skokie Historical Society provided bound and loose issues to fill out the gaps the library’s print collection and a few of the issues also came bound with issues of Niles Township High School East yearbook, Reflections.

Skokie Public Library will continue to look for and welcome information about the issues that we do not have in this digital collection.

Scanning and file information:

Individual pages from the newspapers were each scanned at 400 ppi, 24-bit color using a Phase One IQ180 digital camera and saved as individual TIFF files, in accordance with current digital archive best practices. We retain the TIFF files for long-term digital storage, but due to their large file size, we do not provide access to them online. Instead, the TIFF files were converted to PDF, digitally bound into individual issues of the newspaper, and run through optical character recognition (OCR) software so that the files would be searchable. Following this digitization process, descriptive metadata was created for each issue, which was then uploaded into the Omeka content management system, the interface used to browse, search, and view the collection.


The NileHilite was created by students of the Niles East High School and to the best of our knowledge, the paper neither registered for copyright nor displayed a copyright notice in its published issues, leading to the determination that the issues that were published between 1930 and 1978 fall into the public domain. The issues published between 1978 and 1980 did not have a copyright notice and they were not registered with the copyright office, thus falling in the public domain. In addition, we believe that the benefits of providing access to these digitized newsletters outweigh the risk of potential copyright infringement. If you have further information about this material, please contact our Digital Collections Librarian.

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About this digital collection